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Yes, there are even short books for day to day life! Most of the books in this section come from my passion for cooking, although you will find other helpful subjects as well.

I Ate My Homework: Easy Recipes for College Students

If you are out on your own for the first time, this is the cook book for you! Money is tight, and you've never been grocery shopping on your own. This cook book will guide you through making your first meal, how to shop for a deal, and how to take nutrient sparse foods like Raman Noodles and make them healthy!

Get it Here: Kindle and Paperback

The Chipped Mug: Meals for One

The long awaited sequel to I Ate My Homework! Have you ever wanted a blueberry muffin for breakfast, but didn't want to make an entire pan just to satisfy your craving? Or a nice warm vegetable soup, but no leftovers? Then this is the book for you! We'll go over how to shrink recipes down to one or two servings, and share some of the best recipes we've come up with so far!

Get it Here: (Coming Soon)

Eating In!

Everyone loves a nice dinner at a fine restaurant, but sometimes that just isn't in the budget. Never fear! In this book you'll find restaurant quality recipes for a fraction of the price that it would cost to dine out!

Get it Here: (Coming Soon)

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