Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goeffry the Dragon

This short story was written as a family activity using story dice. The words we rolled were: dragon, magnifying glass, bridge, bubbles, happy, fish, foot print, beetle, bee, fountain, fly, and flower. Here is what we came up with, enjoy!

Goeffrey saw a dragon. The dragon was so small he had to look at it under a magnifying glass. Goeffrey and the dragon walked across a bridge. They blew dragon bubbles to each other, and they were happy. When they were done blowing bubbles they went fishing. The dragon fell into a footprint that was two feet deep. The footprint was made by a large beetle. While he was in the footprint, a bee stung the dragon. Next to the footprint was a large fountain. The dragon started to fly away. He landed under a flower where he could rest from he day's adventures.

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