Games are a fantastic way to tell interactive stories! Below you will find links to games that I have created, some are free to play online, and others are available for purchase:

Free to Play

Spy Hunt- Catch three spies who have infiltrated the city by sending agents out to investigate. Use their reports to discover where the spies are before time runs out!

CIA- A web remake I made from an old BASIC text adventure game. Find the evidence against the Russian ambassador without getting caught!

Scripture Matching- A simple matching game for kids based on different volumes of scripture. Includes: Old Testament, New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants.

On the Spot RPG- A micro RPG that can be played anywhere with little to no preparation. Based loosely on Fate Core and Eldritch Horror. 

Available for Purchase

Ginny's Unicorn 

A simple set collecting game for kids. Build an Alicorn (a unicorn with wings) by collecting all 4 pieces, then play the glitter bomb to win! Includes an advanced variation for older players.

Buy Here!

Dragon Stones

Has the feel of chess, but plays much faster. You are competing in a race against another dragon, get to his lair before he gets to yours. But beware! There are ghosts who roam the valley in between, and it gets so cold that clouds fall out of the sky and become large icy stones to block your path!

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