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A Little Fiction

This is a series of novels and novellas that are designed to be read within a few hours. Whether your are pressed for time, or are just venturing in to the world of longer books, you are sure to find something to enjoy!

Trustwood: A Story of Honor and Betrayal

Join Menar as he tries to help King Eastbrook regain the throne from his rebellious nephew Lord Tragmore. His journey through the Trustwood is fraught with danger and surprises!

Length: 28 page PDF (about 10,000 words)
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The Mountain Road

Yao, Fey, and Shem are travelling from their home in River Haven to the neighboring town of Glorydale. Unfortunately the only way to get there in on a toll road, or so they think until Fey's father tells them of another way. Yao and Shem decide to take the old Mountain Road and it changes them forever.

Length: 96 pages (about 10,000 words)
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The Voyages of the MS Rodent

August Thornbriar is a mouse who learns to sail but ends up getting in trouble with the Mouse Council. When his friend Beard turns up missing with one of his ships, August goes on a desperate search and discovers that the rats across the river are preparing an attack. Will August find Beard and warn the mice in time?

Length: 169 pages (about 25,000 words)
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The Puzzle of Hunter Manor

Eudorra Frank and her family are summoned to Hunter Manor after the death of her great uncle Simon. There she meets her second cousin Gilbert Hawk. They decide to work together to solve the clues against Gilbert's Mother's wishes. Will they get caught? Or will they solve the clues in time to save the manor?

Length: 327 pages (about 50,000 words)
Get it Here: Coming November 14, 2018 (Preorder eBook)

More Medium Reads

These books are not part of the "Little Fiction" series.

 Christmas Roses 

 Clark Howell is ending another cold winter day at college with a cup of hot chocolate, when he receives a letter from his estranged grandparents who have been dead for ten years. In the envelope he finds $2,400 and an unusual request from his grandfather. Will Clark follow through with the request, or will he take the money and run?

Length: 81 pages (about 10,000 words)
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I Ate My Homework: Easy Recipes for College Students

If you are out on your own for the first time, this is the cook book for you! Money is tight, and you've never been grocery shopping on your own. This cook book will guide you through making your first meal, how to shop for a deal, and how to take nutrient sparse foods like Raman Noodles and make them healthy!

Get it Here: Kindle and Paperback

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