Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Why Authors and Friends?

We have Three Needs we want to meet:

Create a Worldwide Author Community...
Allow them to create a platform which can turn into their "Brand."
Give Them Access to Editors and Illustrators
Provide an Online "Chat" Forum So They can Schedule Town Meetings With Their Fans

Help New Authors get off the ground...
  • Advertising for new authors
  • Social Media - What to Post on:
    • Twitter
    • FaceBook
    • Instagram
    • Youtube
  • How To Information 
    • Get Started
    • Write
    • Edit
    • Format for e-book/Kindle
    • Take your Author Picture
    • Create your Author Bio
    • Pick a Charity

Providing Families a safe source to find books they can read together or provide for their children...

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