Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nanowrimo 2016- The Puzzle of Hunter Manor


For National Novel Writing Month this year, I let my Facebook followers choose what I should write! I ran a poll for two weeks in October and agreed to post my daily writing each day in November.

I hope you enjoy this story as it comes to life one day at a time, and that you will be forgiving, as this will all be first draft quality. Once Nanowrimo is over, I will take a break for several days before I begin the process of editing this story for publication.

If you find this story engaging, or have some feedback to give me, please leave a comment below that section of the story, and I will take your feedback into consideration as I continue writing, or as I go back through to edit.

I am pleased to announce the writing process has begun for:
The Puzzle of Hunter Manor!

Kendall Purser

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